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Thinking About Philanthropy

"I probably should" is an answer that I hear quite often when I ask "Are you serving on a nonprofit board?" My title, VP Philanthropic Services, opens up the dialogue with strangers on airplanes, and I do feel like an evangelist for the nonprofit sector. My..

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Family, Philanthropy, and Thanksgiving

What if you could continue the feeling of gratefulness that Thanksgiving inspires in November throughout the year, among friends and family members? Following are ideas for inspiring a spirit of gratitude and giving both during the holidays and throughout the year:

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How to Utilize a Nevada Asset Protection Trust to Safeguard Your Wealth

Building a family legacy takes tenacity, vigor, and risk. It can take years of persistence and patience, withstanding all manner of storms. Even with the most robust planning, there are certain assets that – if not properly protected – can be subject to unfortunate..

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Hurricane Relief and Retirement Fund Hardship Withdrawals

Although easier to obtain for those impacted by Harvey, hardship withdrawals should only be taken after careful consideration.

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2018 Tax Legislation | First Foundation