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Volunteer of the Month: Ashot Hareyan – Director of Enterprise Applications

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Please give a round of applause for Ashot Hareyan, SVP and Director of Enterprise Applications, for being named our February Volunteer of the Month.

Ashot regularly volunteers with the Burbank Unified School District National Academy Foundation (NAF). While attending Burbank High School, Ashot joined the Academy of Finance, part of the National Academy Foundation. There, he gained valuable knowledge about finance, accounting, economics, and business - skills that he believes are often overlooked in traditional education.

Since graduating, Ashot has continued to be involved with the academy by participating in mock interviews, speaking as a guest, and attending regular meetings. He was even featured in a book by academy teachers called "Time Worth Spending: The Top 10 Talks to Have with Your Teenager About Money" by Patricia Saunders Garfield and Alyson Amy Edge.

In addition to his work with the NAF, Ashot has volunteered with Junior Achievement at Finance Park and elementary schools, teaching students about saving, budgeting, and investing.

"I believe that with the right foundational knowledge about money, students will grow into responsible adults when it comes to their finances," says Ashot. "I want to make sure that the next generation is better equipped, has a greater understanding of these topics, and learns how to make their money work for them instead of always working for their money."

First Foundation will donate $100 to Junior Achievement of Southern California, an organization dedicated to preparing young people to succeed in a global economy by helping them gain skills and knowledge about the economy and personal finance.

Thank you for your dedicated service!

Learn more about the organizations that are meaningful to Ashot by visiting their websites:

  • Burbank Unified National Academy Foundation
  • Junior Achievement of Southern California -


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